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PICKABLUES c’est : • un agenda des concerts blues & rock, à voir dans le Nord de France et en Belgique, • une page regroupant les festivals blues Français et Belges, • les podcasts de Tellin’You, notre émission blues & rock qui a lieu tous les jeudis de 18h30 à 20h sur RQC 95 FM ou www.rqc.be, • des reportages photos sur les concerts auxquels nous assistons. Bienvenue sur notre site Marie & Francis.

Playlist & podcast Tellin'You – 12 mars 2020 – www.rqc.be

Publié par marie & francis sur 21 Mars 2020, 17:29pm

Catégories : #tellin'you

Big Dave *Pretty lil' thing* Tellin'you-Naked prod.-2004

Teresa James & the Rhythm Tramps *She’s got a way with men* Jesi-lu rec.-2019

Frank Bey *One thing every day* All my dues are paid-Nola Blue rec.-2019

Vaneese Thomas *Wake me* Down yonder-Segue rec.-2019

Jeremiah Johnson *Castles in the air* Heavens to Betsy-Ruf rec.-2020

Betty Fox band *Green ligth* Peace in Pieces-Inde.-2020

Reese Wynans and friends *Take the time* Sweet release-Provogue/Mascot-2019

Meg Williams *I feel a heartache coming* Take me as I am-Nola Blue rec.-2019

Popa Chubby *Enough is enough* It’s a mighty hard road-Dixiefrog-2020

Ghalia *Release me* Mississippi Blend-Ruf rec.-2019

Mike Zito and friends *Reelin’ and rockin’* A tribute to Chuck Berry-Ruf rec.-2019

Katarina Pejak *Nature of my blues* Roads that cross-Ruf rec.-2019

Tas Cru *Kinda Mess* Drive on-Subcat rec.-2020

Ina Forsman *Who hurt you* Been meaning to tell you-Ruf rec.-2019

Biscuit Miller and the Mix *Get ready* Chicken grease-American Show place music-2019

Ally Venable-One sided misunderstanding-Texas honey-Ruf rec.-2019

Doug Duffey and badd *The things we used to do* Play the blues-Out of the past music-2019

Whitney Shay *Change with the times* Stand up !-Ruf rec.-2020

Ryan Perry *High risk, low reward* High risk, low reward* Ruf rec.-2020

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